Your first time at Quaker Meeting

Find a meeting

All Meetings in Cambridgeshire have Meetings for Worship on Sunday mornings which last for about an hour, followed by notices and tea and coffee. You can find meeting times, directions and practical information (including alternative Meeting times) on each Local Meeting in Cambridgeshire from the Local Meetings menu at the top of the page.

Please note that each Local Meeting sets its own times and children’s arrangements. There are also meetings in neighbouring counties - you can use Britain Yearly Meeting’s Find a Meeting tool to search for a nearby meeting.

Silent and Spoken ministry

Our Meetings for Worship are grounded in silent waiting. In this space, you and others may feel guided, inspired, challenged or changed. From time to time this also moves us to speak – not merely to express thoughts, but to share promptings which grow out of the gathered stillness. If this is happening for you, please stand if you can, and speak clearly so others can hear. After this spoken ministry, we return to a period of silence so that we can reflect on what has been shared. Some meetings are entirely quiet, but the silent ministry may be deeply moving nonetheless.

After the Meeting

After meeting, a Friend will welcome newcomers and announce upcoming events, and refreshments will be available. On some days, Meeting will be followed by other activities.