Journals Project

The Journals Project collected back issues of technical, professional and scientific journals for local professionals in Ethiopia, to provide support, and contact with a wider intellectual community, for professionally and technically trained Africans working in their own countries - by giving them access to recent editions of relevant journals.

To be useful, the following criteria were set:

  • professional, technical or scientific
  • not more than three years old
  • in complete 1-year runs (or 6 months in the case of weekly journals)

The domains particularly requested were:

  • agriculture, farming, cattle keeping, veterinary medicine
  • land management, ecology, geology, mining, forestry, water resources
  • engineering, construction, architecture, urban planning, electronics, communications
  • medicine, nursing, obstetrics, nutrition, public health, disease control
  • business practice, economics, accounting, public administration, jurisprudence, social affairs
  • history, prehistory, social sciences, heritage conservation, cultural affairs
  • general science reviews

Every kilogramme of journals cost approximately £3 to ship.