We are Quakers who worship across Cambridgeshire and online. Our larger community meets several times a year for fellowship, spiritual nurture and discernment. We warmly welcome you to join us.

Quakers are a non-credal faith group who share a way of life. We try to live simply and sustainably, and work for peace, climate justice and a fairer society.

A Quaker meeting for worship begins in gathering silence. Anyone may be moved to share brief words; all are welcome. There are groups for children/teens and young adults.

Cambridgeshire Quakers worship in nine locations across the county. There are on-site and online options, plus other community events.

Quakers have nearly 400 years of history and are open to new inspiration. To learn more about Quakers, explore additional links on this site or contact us.

Visiting a Quaker meeting

Quaker worship is held regularly on Sunday mornings, with midweek options.

Families with children and young people, and students and young adults are especially welcome.

Quakers are non-hierarchical; volunteers fill most roles. Decisions are made as a community in a spirit of worship.