A Way of Life


Quakers believe there is something unique and precious in each person, and that we can experience the divine directly. Our spiritual experience (and words for this) differ, but we respect and support each other's spiritual journeys. Some Quakers are Christian; others are universalist, non-theist, humanist, or come from other faith backgrounds.

There is no hierarchy in a meeting for worship


In gathered stillness, Quakers engage with the transforming power of love and truth. We seek that deep, calm centre from which inspired insights and calls to action may arise. Nudges and promptings shape our lives and witness. When the moment is right, Quakers may share a brief message ('vocal ministry') to the gathered group. For more info about Quaker worship, see our newcomers page.


Quakers gather for worship, fellowship, learning and to discern priorities and actions as a community. Some locations have special gatherings for younger Quakers. Online access is available for many events, whilst others are technology-free. All are welcome to try Quaker worship and community events.


For Quakers, faith is a way of life. We try to live in the same spirit we encounter during worship. If we fully open to it, it can accompany us, inspire us and create change in ourselves and in wider society. Faith for Quakers is experienced personally and supported by community.


Quaker practices lead to cherished patterns of life. Key Quaker values include equality, peace, simplicity, sustainability and integrity. Quakers try to live by these and promote them. They are cultivated in our lives as spiritual experience and practice deepens.


Quaker worship has a close relationship with witness (faith in action). Dilemmas can be brought into the spirit of worship, as a person seeks divine guidance. Equally, the inward stillness of worship can provide stability which gives rise to new callings. Quakers work for peaceful conflict resolution, climate justice, and a fairer society.

Participants in a Quaker business meeting attend to affairs in a spirit of worship

Making decisions

Quakers make important decisions by holding a meeting for worship with attention to church affairs. A clerk (or team) prepares an agenda; participants offer vocal ministry on items of business. The overall sense of the meeting guides action. This way of making decisions illustrates the harmony and unity Quakers strive for.


Seeking and finding

Some are drawn to Quaker meetings out of curiosity, in search of quiet, for comfort in challenging times, or for egalitarian community. People attending have diverse backgrounds and are at different stages of life. Quakers respect and try to support one another's spiritual journeys. Those who come may find inward peace and nourish their spiritual ground.

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